It is the purpose of 学生成功中心 to provide students with the services and support necessary to fulfill their educational, 个人, 职业目标.

学生成功部主任, 三名学生成功教练, and the Career 服务 and Advising Director are all available to work with students to find solutions to their academic, 个人, 咨询和职业相关的问题.

  • 帮助完成学术课程, 包括辅导, 研究艾滋病, 研究数据库, 打印资源(1).e. 教科书、报纸等.)及电子媒体
  • Coaching for students to help them work through academic, 个人, and career-related challenges
  • Disability and Learning 服务, including access to accomodations
  • Counseling services related to mental health and 个人 concerns
  • 建议和学业成功计划
  • 协助安排课程, 计划的变化, 毕业要求, 以及退出某个澳门澳娱首页入口或课程
  • Guidance on career decisions, internship selection, job searches, resumes, and interviews
  • Information about Mitchell Tech’s Student Representative Board and other Mitchell Tech clubs and activities
  • 打印、复印和扫描服务
  • Computer access, including Internet, email, MyTech and application software
  • 指导在哪里获得重要的校园服务, 比如财政援助, 业务办公室, 奖学金, 等.
  • 校外资源信息, 比如住房, 医疗保健, 运输, 金融资源, 学生折扣, 获得会员资格, 儿童保育及其他支援服务


你的成功不仅仅是取得及格的成绩. It’s about thriving in all aspects of your life—academic, 个人, 社会, and career. 在Mitchell Tech, we understand that many things can interfere with a student’s progress toward their degree, and that’s why we monitor the success of our students through Mitchell Tech’s 学生警报系统.

The 学生警报系统 offers instructors and staff a way to quickly notify the appropriate personnel when they are concerned about a student. 一旦警报被提交, the Dean of 学生的成功 will determine the best course of action for following up with the student regarding the concern.

在大多数情况下, the student’s 学生成功教练 will be responsible for working with the student to develop a strategy for improvement and for connecting them with the needed resources. This form of notification gives all involved the opportunity to intervene and support students earlier, providing a greater likelihood for degree completion and program success.


A student alert is a message sent by instructors and staff members through the 学生警报系统 to indicate an academic, 出席, 社会, 对学生的个人或经济方面的担忧. The goal is to connect students to appropriate resources that will help them to overcome any barriers to success.


  • Provides a centralized location for student concerns through an online student alert form
  • 提供一个更有效的系统来支持学生的成功
  • 简化机密报告和沟通
  • Are viewed only by the appropriate personnel based on their role at Mitchell Tech and on the type of alert submitted.


虽然并不详尽, the following list provides the most common reasons a student alert may be submitted:

  • 缺勤或迟到
  • 没有作业或迟交作业
  • 错过考试或测验
  • 在测试、测验或作业中得分或表现不佳
  • 中期进度报告或评估
  • 不及格
  • 停止上课(未退学)
  • 课堂参与度低
  • Academic or 个人 difficulties interfering with classroom success
  • 变化:行为或外表上可观察到的变化


学生成功教练 & 辅导员




学生成功教练 & 辅导员






学生成功教练 & 第504节/残疾协调员


在Mitchell Tech做家教

澳门澳娱首页入口 offers free face-to-face and virtual peer tutoring to students enrolled in general education courses and select content-specific courses.

Peer tutors can help students increase understanding of course material through practice and review of difficult concepts, 协助备考, 校对写作作业.

学生 can make an appointment with a tutor on the Center for 学生的成功 page in MyTech by clicking on “辅导”.



学生成功教练 & 辅导员


版权 & 剽窃


版权 laws were passed by Congress to encourage creativity by ensuring that authors and creators receive credit and financial compensation for their work – so that if you make or write something, 其他人不能就这么放弃.


  • Only the person who creates a work has the right to reproduce (copy), 显示, 执行, 或者分配.
  • 其他任何人都需要创作者的书面许可才能这样做.
  • 在下列情况下,作品在创作时自动受到保护:
    • 作品是原创的,而且
    • 它被记录在可读或有形的形式(例如, 以书面形式, 以音频格式, 在网页上, 等.).
  • You DO NOT need to register the work or include a copyright symbol for it to have copyright protection

To keep people from having to contact the author or creator every single time they want to use something, Congress approved some exceptions to allow limited use of copyrighted works without permission. 合理使用原则就是其中一个例外. 它允许有限地使用批评, 评论, 澳门澳娱乐首页入口报道, 教学, 奖学金或研究, 在严格的指导下.

合理使用指南张贴在校园中心复印室. 但作为一般规则,要符合合理使用的条件:

  • 你不能复制而剥夺了作者的销售. That’s why the Mitchell Tech Staff doesn’t copy books or textbooks.
  • 你只能复制工作的一小部分, 它不可能是最实质性或最重要的部分. 有一个案例,有人在20个单词中只用了300个单词,总统演讲稿1000字, but they were sued and lost because it was the most important 300 words of the speech.
  • You are limited in the amount of copies you can make, and you can’t make them repeatedly.
  • If you have time to get permission from the author, you are required to do so.

For more information on copyright law and fair use exceptions, visit the Web site of the U.S. 版权办公室 他们的一些人 常见问题.

最好的策略? 一定要得到许可!


剽窃 is taking other people’s work or ideas and presenting them as your own, 不给他们信用. This is a violation of 澳门澳娱首页入口’s academic integrity policy.

剽窃 penalties are enforced by schools and can result in a zero on an assignment, 一个不及格的班级, 悬架, 甚至驱逐.


  • Start your research early so that you’re not tempted to copy others’ work.
  • 阅读网站、文章或书籍. 然后把它放下,放在一边,这样你就看不见上面的字了. 花一分钟时间用你自己的话重写这些想法. 这被称为释义.
  • If you change only a few words from the original statement, it’s still plagiarism. 你必须完全改写这个想法.
  • 逐字引用某人的话时, enclose the statement in quotation marks and list the person’s name.
  • 最后, ALWAYS list the source of the information (the person who wrote it), 即使你用自己的话重写.

最好的策略? 总是小心翼翼地使用和引用别人的话和观点. 更好的是,做一个原创者——用你自己的话!


版权 laws were passed by Congress to encourage creativity by ensuring that authors and creators receive credit and financial compensation for their work – so that if you make or write something, 其他人不能就这么放弃.


Mitchell Tech offers a wide variety of internet 研究数据库 offer a wide variety of online resources such as ProQuest, Gale虚拟参考图书馆, EBSCO及更多. 这些资源对研究和写作特别有用, 但是你可以在杂志上找到文章, 报纸文章等等.

Mitchell Tech students can apply for a library card and check out materials from the 米切尔公共图书馆. A library card from the 米切尔公共图书馆 also grants access to the Dakota Wesleyan University library.